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About Athletic Performance Enrichment Specialists: the Ape Squad:

Since 1996, Hal Richardson (the Ape Squad) has provided unique therapeutic soft tissue services referred to as 3-D Manual Therapy. A combination of various myofascial techniques along with active and isolated movements are used to help reduce pain and optimize range of motion. Use of these techniques can result in a better quality of life, faster recovery and peak athletic performance. Hal is certified in Fascial Movement Taping, a form of kinesiology taping for movement by Rocktape and was the first local provider of Advanced Active Isolated Stretching developed by Aaron Mattes.

Agile Physical Therapy at:

3125 Blue Lake Drive

Birmingham, Alabama 35243



Mon - Fri: 10AM - 6PM. Appointments outside of these times will incur additional costs. 

On-line scheduling is available here:

Email the Ape Squad for additional information and scheduling.